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What to Know Before You Start a 36-Hour DUI Class

If a judge and/or the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division says that you must take a 36-hour DUI class, this means that you will be receiving 20 hours of treatment and 16 hours of education.

This means that you committed a Level 1 offense as to where you have now become mandated to complete a 36-hour. We understand that while you may have committed 2 or more alcohol or drug abuse-related offenses that you are looking for help to recover from your substance abuse disorder. We are here to help you!

If your BAC at the time of the DUI was 0.15 or higher, and you met 3 of 12 extenuating conditions, then this is the reason that you have been mandated a 36-hour class for extensive treatment and education.

We will go over what to expect at a 36-hour DUI class as it is structured a little differently than other classes, where to find a 36-hour treatment and education course, and how you can seek a free consultation from Cornerstone Healing Center.

What To Expect At A 36 Hour DUI Class

A 36-hour DUI class is divided into two segments: the 20-hour treatment course and the 16-hour education course.

The treatment 20-hour treatment course will help to rehabilitate you to return to your old self before you were overcome by your substance abuse disorder. Through the process, you may even discover a new you.

In this treatment course you will:

  • Receive group family therapy to reconnect with your closest loved ones and repair the relationship broken from your drug or alcohol substance abuse disorder.
  • Learn to identify the triggers that cause you to abuse drugs or alcohol. You will learn how to properly and healthfully handle said triggers.
  • Evaluate the difference between toxic and healthy relationships in your life, especially the toxic ones that were involved in your drug or alcohol abuse triggers.
  • Learn how your brain reacts to drugs and alcohol so that you can learn why you developed your addiction.
  • Engage in an activity that will help you to compare something such as a movie or a book about substance abuse with what happened in your life with your specific substance abuse disorder.

The 16-hour education course will help you to understand the basics of drug and alcohol abuse, statistics and in-depth history about the subject, how much it costs you when you get a DUI charge, how your health can deteriorate from drinking heavily or abusing drugs, and more. You will also learn how much it costs society to fund drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

choosing to do a 36 Hour DUI Online Course

As long as the DUI class aligns with standards set by the Arizona Department of Health Services, you can choose to do an in-person program or an entirely virtual equivalent.

The 36-hour DUI classes online involve modules that you can take to complete the treatment and education portions all virtually without having to leave the comfort of your own home or wherever you go to use the Internet.

The online modules will help you to understand the following:

  • What a substance abuse disorder is.
  • Define alcoholism.
  • Risks involved with drug abuse and alcoholism.
  • Define Blood Alcohol Content and how it plays a part in how drunk you are.
  • The various ways that you can become healed of your drug or alcohol abuse disorder.
  • Resources you can use to get home safe while under the influence. It’s not safe to transport yourself home while you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
    • Uber
    • Dryver
    • Trusted family member or friend.
    • Hail a taxi.
  • And more!

The modules for the 36-hour drug and alcohol course online could be as short as two minutes or as long as about an hour and a half. As you finish each module in sequence, you will earn points for completion.

Once you have completed all the modules for the 36-hour DUI online class, you will have satisfied your mandated treatment and education courses to become rehabilitated. It’s up to you to administer what you have learned as you return to regular everyday life in society.

Why Choose Cornerstone DUI's 36-hour Classes?

Here at Cornerstone Healing Center, while we offer the 36-hour DUI class in the form of group therapy sessions, you also have the option to complete online modules if the group therapy sessions do not fit into your schedule or if you are not comfortable with this type of recovery method.

Cornerstone DUI is your go-to solution for online DUI classes. We have a variety of options for you to complete the class requirements while being able to go about your daily schedule without much interruption in your usual routine.

We are here to help you overcome your DUI charges and learn more responsible ways of living. 

Frequently Asked Questions About 36-Hour DUI Classes

Signing up for the Arizona 36 hour DUI class can be a daunting task as you are making the first steps towards rehabilitation from a substance or alcohol abuse disorder. We know that you may have many questions. Here are the answers to some of the questions that you may have.

Q: Why is the 36-hour DUI class divided into 16 hours of education and 20 hours of treatment?

A: We believe that educating yourself, even if it’s just a review of the information you already know, will help you to learn the effects of drugs and alcohol on your body so that you can think twice before turning down the same path that got you into rehab. The treatment portion will help you positively turn around your mindset for you to reset your habits and turn the page of life over to a new leaf.

Q: What if I sign up for group therapy sessions but then I am unable to make them?

A: If it turns out that you cannot make the group therapy sessions because of your schedule, then you can sign up for the 36-hour DUI class online to fulfill the mandates for your rehabilitation recovery. We understand that life can get hectic, but remember to also make time for your recovery.

For more answers to questions visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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