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Understanding 40-hour DUI Classes

Drinking and driving are illegal in the state of Arizona. Additionally, the state doesn’t take DUI laws lightly.

In a 40-hour alcohol class that meets court requirements, you’ll study alcohol, drugs, substance awareness, and impaired driving. It’s a court mandate that offenders complete 40 hours of alcohol and DUI classes. It’s also required for a Commercial Driver’s License, which is necessary for many jobs.

An online DUI class is an excellent option for Arizona residents who cannot attend an in-person class because of their circumstances. Please be sure that you have been authorized to join before you do so. The court or agency requiring you to attend a DUI class must allow you to attend one outside of your home state.

To enroll in a 40-hour drug and alcohol course online in Arizona, you must select the number of hours necessitated by the proper authorities. For a DUI class, you could face up to 40 hours of class time.

When classes begin, you will go through modules with lessons. After modules are complete you will take a 30-minute virtual test to help you achieve your certificate.

What to Know Before Starting a DUI Assessment or Class

You can purchase a course once you’ve finished your assessment and received an estimate of how many hours you’ll need to complete it.

40-hour DUI classes may be necessary for those convicted of DUI not only to meet the court’s requirements but also to get their license back. 

An alternative name for this program is a DUI or other risk-reduction school. To guarantee that DUI schools are effective, the state of Arizona uses the class and evaluation method.

If a mental health professional evaluates a person, it’s easier to see what type of class they need. It should never be a one-size-fits-all approach to getting the DUI education needed. 

Why an Online DUI Course May Be Beneficial to You

Due to the pressures of daily life, you may not be able to attend your Arizona court-ordered DUI screening or programs in person.

You can appeal your suspension, but you will have to undergo a drug and alcohol test remotely at one of the state’s approved testing facilities. 

While in-person screenings are the most common, they can also be done through the phone or virtually. A certificate of completion will be issued to the driver once they have been interrogated about their substance usage by a behavioral health specialist. A mental health specialist will recommend if the driver is eligible for the Arizona 40 hour DUI class, based on their responses.

You will be interviewed by alcohol counselors about your drinking habits and given a recommended amount of class hours. First-time offenders normally receive 16 hours of treatment, while those with multiple, extreme, super extreme, or aggravated DUIs typically receive 36-72 hours of treatment.

All of our courses are available at any time of day or night in lengths of eight, sixteen, thirty-six, and fifty-six hours. Individuals who need more than 56 hours of treatment for DUI may require in-person therapy, but this is not always the case. We’d be happy to help you with your 40-hour alcohol class if you live in Arizona.

Why Do You Need an Alcohol Screening?

It’s good to get your alcohol test scheduled for your MVD as soon as possible. For your convenience, the cost isn’t prohibitively high. When facing a regular license suspension for driving under the influence of 90 days, this will lower it by 30 days of no driving and 60 days of limited driving. The MVD should receive an electronic certificate as proof of completion of the class.

The court almost always compels you to submit to an alcohol test to avoid a longer jail sentence. Therefore, screening and any subsequent classes, if you’ve already taken them, will count towards your overall credits.

What Happens During a 40-Hour DUI Class?

Arizona’s health department explains why a 40 hour DUI class is necessary. You should cover eleven unique topics in the course. The eleven elements have been broken down into five distinct modules, each with a different name.

You’ll take a quiz at the start of the course to see how much you know about alcohol and other drugs of abuse.

  • Take a pre-test to see how well you understand the content material.
  • The Body’s Response to Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • What alcohol does to a driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle, the penalties for a DUI conviction, and other ways to avoid driving a car while intoxicated.
  • Individuals and the environment can be harmed by alcohol and drug abuse on a psychological and social level.
  • Self-assessment on substance use.

Our goal is to offer an electronic record stating that you passed your alcohol test and received the results you requested from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). You’ll also receive all the necessary court documents from us as the fees to facilitate the process will be included in the screening charge.

Screening, Treatment and Education Facilities

Certain types of infractions require an evaluation of one’s mental health and possible therapy or education.

Mental health experts and technicians meet in person for this type of consultation and screen the offender.

The organization or court that recommended you will use the data and results from your DUI screening to determine your course of treatment.

A minimum of 16 hours per week is required for those who work in behavioral health or with behavioral health technicians to teach.

Why Choose Cornerstone's 40-Hour DUI Classes

As a full-service provider of DUI education, treatment, and revocation services, Cornerstone Healing Center is well-versed in conducting alcohol and drug screenings, doing revocation evaluations, and more, including 40 hours of DUI class. As a result, all residents of the state of Arizona can take advantage of these services, which are reasonably priced and easy to access.

Online video conferencing is an option to conduct your Alcohol and Drug Screening and Revocation Evaluation. Virtually, screeners will be able to keep in touch and offer their services to you. You are spoilt for choice when scheduling your DUI screening online. With proper internet connections, you may take the DUI classes online with your laptop.

Arizona DUI Services will notify the MVD, the court and email you a copy when your service(s) are complete.

Most DUI Classes are procedures that can be completed remotely at home including 40 hour DUI classes online. Our goal is to help you complete the treatment plan we devised with you so that you can reapply for your license with the state. For each patient, the treatment strategy is personalized to their needs.

Be open and honest with yourself and us for a plan that will work for you. We’ll check your work schedule, payment plan, and court dates to ensure you’re on time with your responsibilities when we help you. We’re here to help! Be presentable and sober when entering the classroom.

If you have court, school, or work deadlines that you need to meet but don’t want to travel, Cornerstone recovery center can help. We’ve created quick, straightforward, and stress-free courses for counselors who want to get their certification.

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